Meet Terry Junior, an easygoing brush script that’s straight from the paint pot

Bursting with youthful exuberance, Terrance Weinzierl’s Terry Junior typeface blends analogue and digital craft. First painted by hand, the brush script has been refined on-screen – although its appealing imperfections have been carefully preserved.

The idea for Terry Junior had been floating around the designer’s head for the past seven years, but it was only during Monotype’s 2016 Font Marathon that Weinzierl started putting it down on paper using paint and brush. In early 2017 the designer found himself surrounded by children’s products, having welcomed a baby into his family, and wanted to make the most of Terry Junior’s youthful personality and rounded forms.

Scanning his original painted letters, Weinzierl expanded the design to include alternate glyphs that would mimic lettering and added styles that would turn it into a full type family. A careful balance needed to be struck between refining the letters and retaining the original marks of the paintbrush – part of what lends the typeface such charm and warmth.

“It has a natural, cheery and bold appearance,” says the designer. “It’s young, but not wild. Painted, but not sloppy. A sign painter’s apprentice, perhaps.”

Terry Junior is part of a resurgence of interest in hand-painted letterforms, which has seen the traditional craft of sign painting make a return, and find a new relevance for young designers.

“It’s like the pendulum is swinging the other way,” says Weinzierl. “Our lives are so saturated with computers and wearable technology, and I think that feeds an interest in things like hand-lettering and brush script typefaces.”

Terry Junior has obvious appeal for children’s brands of all kinds, with its rounded forms right at home on products aimed at a younger audience. However it’s not just limited to this realm, with plenty of possibility for book covers, packaging – particularly when it comes to food – or even mobile gaming. For more versatility, there’s also a slanted Rotalic version, and an Inline font.

Potential pairings include geometric sans such as VAG Rounded Next or Harmonia Sans, or serif typefaces Century Schoolbook and ITC Cheltenham.

Get the Terry Junior fonts 

Terry Junior by Terrance Weinzierl is included in the Mosaic font service.