Meet Morandi, a supremely elegant sans serif font by Jovica Veljović

Named for Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, Jovica Veljović’s typeface is a confident and graceful design – drawn to work across print and digital environments. Morandi is the first commercial sans serif typeface for Veljović, who has been designing fonts since the 80s, and whose accolades include the Charles Peignot Award, and several Type Directors Club honors.

For the designer, typeface creation combines technology and instinct – as well as a lot of time and dedication.

“Everything that I do is based on emotions – even kerning,” explains Veljović. “I don’t count how many hours I’ve spent working on some glyphs. Sometimes it’s faster than you can imagine, but often it is hard work. What counts at the end is that the form becomes what I wanted it to be. I spend more time looking at the form and thinking about how it relates with other glyphs than drawing it.”

The designer doesn’t believe ‘inspiration’ is the right word to explain how type is created, but says that his influences range from Paul Renner’s Futura typeface and ancient Greek inscriptions, to poetry and letterpress printing, as well as the paintings of Morandi – who he describes as a “poet of matter”.

The Morandi typeface draws on this diverse set of references, which have resolved themselves in an inviting and legible humanist design. Its open counters, large x-height and generous apertures ensure legibility and versatility across environments, and its punctuation is designed to work at small sizes and when used on-screen. It offers eight weights, from ultra light to extra bold, in regular, condensed and extended proportions, with a large multi-national character set.

Not only is Morandi supremely elegant, it can be used for many purposes, offering a friendly and trustworthy tone of voice wrapped up within its svelte letterforms.

Get the Morandi fonts

Morandi by Jovica Veljović is included in the Mosaic font service.