Meet FF Sanuk Round, a deliciously mischievous sans serif font

Designed as the latest addition to Xavier Dupré’s FF Sanuk family, this sprightly sans serif font contrasts softness with structure.

“If FF Sanuk Big is a good choice for a starter and FF Sanuk for the main course, FF Sanuk Round comes as a dessert,” says designer Xavier Dupré, of the newest member of his typeface family. “These round shapes are like Chantilly cream or Italian meringue over a lemon pie.”

FF Sanuk Round follows similar proportions to its predecessors, but takes their original shapes and gently softens them. Dupré had to find a careful balance between rounded the forms without destroying the original skeleton of the typeface, mixing the smoothed edges with chiselled apexes to retain the strength of the letters.

“It’s a new challenge for me, transforming a straight and angular typeface into a soft one keeping the same structure,” says Dupré. “With these new rounded endings, only counters are now angular, so a part of the seriousness of the typeface has disappeared and is now more relaxed.”

The result is a typeface that suggests both formality and playfulness, with its mischievous personality shining through at larger sizes and bolder weights – think packaging and posters. FF Sanuk Round’s large x-height means it makes an impact, while remaining approachable for readers. Sanuk suggests its mix of soft and rigid qualities has the potential to bring some “casualness” to corporate communications, and could potentially also address younger audiences. “FF Sanuk is used to talk to adults – different political parties use it – but FF Sanuk Round will be better to talk to kids,” he says.

FF Sanuk Round comes in five weights, from Ultra Light to Black, plus italics.

Get the FF Sanuk Round fonts

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