Meet DIN Next Decorative, a textured take on the much-loved German sans serif font

The stern, industrial forms of DIN Next are reimagined for the DIN Next Decorative family, which features a set of roughed up and weathered letterforms that lend this classic sans serif some post-industrial charm.

For a typeface thats stood up to the test of time, look no further than DIN – a century-old design that’s lost none of its sturdy reliability in the hundred or so years since it was created. And as a typeface that’s known for its robust nature, it’s proving to be surprisingly adaptable in personality, with the DIN Next Decorative family offering a new take on its stern character

Comprising DIN Next Rust, DIN Next Shadow, DIN Next Stencil Rust and DIN Next Slab Rust, this is a family that’s destined for display. Texture has been added to DIN Next’s instantly recognizable letterforms, as if its clean, geometric shapes have been weathered or rusted over time. Although these fonts live in the digital world, they contain the tangibility of hand-made forms – reminiscent of inky letterpress, or the unevenness of rubber stamps.

“If you look at the original outlines of DIN, it’s all so crisp, clean and neat with very sharp corners or very smooth curves,” says director of the Monotype Studio Tom Rickner. “This is the idea of taking something that was precise, and state of the art, and industrial, and showing it in a later stage of its life, if you will, as if it’s been worn away, or beaten up.”

“This kind of treatment is more about creating a feeling or a mood that goes beyond the communication of the words themselves,” he adds. “I think it expands the repertoire of what DIN Next can express.”

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