Meet Angeletta, an energetic script font that draws on hand-lettering tradition

Rob Leuschke’s Angeletta is an exuberant and playful typeface, that has careful craft at its heart. The semi-connected script offers all the charming quirks of hand-drawn letters – and a touch of nostalgia for the inky pen nib.

The font draws on Leuschke’s experience using an architectural ruling pen to draw letters. Rather than using it to create lines along a straight edge, as is typical of the implement, the designer holds it on its side to form letters. “That's why in the font you’ll find places where you have lines crossing one another, and creating globs of ink that almost spill into the next stroke,” he says. “It gives a very unique look to the thicks and thins.”

Leuschke spent several years drawing letters for Hallmark Cards, meaning he’s well-versed in the intricacies of hand-drawn type, as well as the commercial requirements it has to answer – such as legibility. Since then he’s been naturally drawn to script typefaces, although his interest in lettering starting at a much younger age. “Even in high school, when I thought I was going to become an architect or technical drawing person, my favorite part of doing illustrations was creating the lettering. It was important to me for some reason.”

Although the designer’s background is very much in hand-lettering, these days he’s familiar enough with the craft to draw straight onto the computer without sacrificing the spontaneity of the forms.

Despite being created digitally, Angeletta could have come straight from Leuschke’s pen. The typeface is energetic and playful, and would fit well on packaging, used carefully in branding, and for social expression. It also includes a titling version, so the font can be used in all caps without compromising legibility.

Get the Angeletta fonts

Angeletta by Rob Leuschke is included in the Mosaic font service.