Why the FlipFont app blocks non-approved fonts

The FlipFont app from Monotype makes it easy to access, purchase and install a wide selection of FlipFont fonts onto Samsung smartphones. However, the app blocks users from applying unauthorized fonts. These are either fonts that were not developed by Monotype or one of its partners, or were obtained through a non-approved source. We wanted to take the opportunity to explain why the app restricts people from applying these types of fonts on their devices:

Quality: First and foremost, Monotype cares about quality and wants to ensure that users have access to fonts that meet our standards. We designed and configured the FlipFont app specifically to ensure that users are installing and using high-quality fonts to ensure a good experience.

Legibility: Some fonts are more legible on smartphones that others, due to screen size or resolution of the device, or because of the design of the font. Approved FlipFont fonts have been tested to ensure legibility and clarity on smartphone screens. Non-approved fonts may not have undergone that same level of legibility testing.

Character Set: Any font used on a smartphone must have a minimum set of characters (letters, numbers, punctuation marks and symbols) so that the text that appears on their smartphones is complete and legible. Non-approved fonts could have incomplete character sets, meaning that some characters could appear as “tofu” – little blank boxes that indicate that the phone’s operating system can’t display a character.

Dimensions: Each smartphone model has different screen dimensions, which means that fonts not created with this in mind could appear incorrectly – their characters could be cut off, appear in the wrong place or just wouldn’t look how they’re supposed to. Approved FlipFont fonts are optimized for the various dimensions of users’ smartphones.

Functionality: Simply put, approved FlipFont fonts work the way they are supposed to. Downloading an unapproved font file, or one from an unauthorized source, means that the font might not function correctly and could detract from the user experience.

We want our FlipFont customers to have a positive experience with both our app and our fonts, which is why we’ve taken steps to keep unauthorized fonts, or those obtained from a non-approved source, from being used through the FlipFont app.