The new FlipFont app lets Samsung smartphone users personalize their devices

Monotype has unveiled its new FlipFont app, which gives Samsung smartphone users access to more than 100 fonts to easily personalize their devices by changing their system fonts to match their personality, interests or mood.

Monotype’s new FlipFont app lets Samsung smartphone users explore, purchase and change their system font to more than 100 different font designs. Consumers can install traditional designs like the Frutiger, Helvetica Neue and Kabel typefaces, fun styles like the Whimsy, ITC Willow and Andy designs, and even scripts like ITC Zapf Chancery, Fineprint and Rage Italic typefaces. Users can search and discover fonts by name or category, or through a random selection button, and quickly install and personalize their devices.

“Young consumers are passionate about personalizing their experiences and smartphones are the one of most personal devices they use each day,” said Vivek Vadakkuppattu, director of product management at Monotype. “With the new FlipFont app, consumers can customize the fonts on their Samsung smartphones based on their interests and preferences, and align them more closely with their personal identities.”

The FlipFont app is free to download from the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store, and is exclusively available in the United States. Individual FlipFont fonts can be purchased through the app for $1.79 each.

Learn more about the FlipFont app and fonts here.