Monotype offers beta of new solution designed to fix text issues in AR/VR

AR and VR have the potential to dramatically change how brands engage with consumers, providing an experience that’s more immersive and interactive than any other medium. However, there is at least one major obstacle in the way before AR/VR experiences become mainstream: illegible text.

Today, Monotype introduced an AR/VR beta solution that provides brands and developers with an easy and effective way to test the process of implementing and rendering Monotype fonts in AR/VR environments.

The text in most AR and VR experiences is often unclear, hard-to-read and poorly placed, which sometimes leads to nausea or eye strain, and turns consumers away from these experiences. Monotype is helping to remove the barriers associated with poor text experiences by enabling developers to integrate fonts into their AR/VR applications that are legible and cover a wide variety of languages.

Poor text rendering has been one of the biggest challenges in AR/VR to date. The Monotype AR/VR beta solution enables brands and developers to implement fonts that are:

  • Sharp and clear thanks to highly legible design characteristics like ample character spacing, open shapes, unambiguous forms and varying proportions;
  • Placed at the right depth in the application, eliminating problems with pixelation, flickering and resulting nausea often reported by end users;
  • Available across a wide variety of languages to enable brands to localize and scale content, taking into account complex scripts and ligatures;
  • Able to change as needed within application to support dynamic content, for a more personalized and scalable experience; and
  • Efficient in the use of computing resources and minimizes power consumption for devices.

Monotype will gather feedback from beta testers to determine the impact it has on the AR and VR workflow and experience, and solicit requests for additional features that may improve the solution in the future.

Become a beta user

If you’re interested in learning more or becoming a beta tester, go here and complete the online form. You will then receive an email with a link to download the beta solution.