Lessons from Generation Z to boost your marketing strategy

Demographic cohorts are a useful construct to build marketing tactics to reach and engage groups of customers. However, rather than looking to bucket groups by their defining attributes, it’s more useful to identify common patterns to help you build better connections with customers of all kinds.

Born between the late 1990’s and mid 2000’s, Generation Z is a diverse, complex group. In the coming years, marketers will dissect their purchasing habits and brand affinities, and for good reason: by 2020, Gen Z will represent 40% of the consumer population. Despite being the first group of people to grow up in a time of constant connectivity, Gen Z's expectations of brands might not be so different from the rest of ours.

3 things Gen Z expects from brands:

  • Transparency and consistency
  • Genuine relationships
  • Ads that don’t feel like ads

Gen Zs have high expectations: they want their voices to be heard, to see real people in advertising and for those ads to be contextually relevant. These are some principles that defy demographic groups. Instead of putting Gen Zs in a box, look through the lens of this group as a way to build stronger, lasting relationships with customers of all ages.

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