The most memorable quotes from Brand Day London

Brand Day London brought agencies and brands together on stage to reveal the process behind powerful campaigns, complete overhauls and of course, custom typefaces. Although the speakers represented many industries from the legendary Cass Art stores to Formula 1 racing, common threads emerged from the talks demonstrating that most brands are facing similar challenges in a world of digitization and constant change.

How are we able to create differentiated, unique added value if we look where everybody else is looking? – Bettina Maisch, Siemens

Alex Mecklenburg’s keynote kicked off the day by posing big questions around innovation, looking at our sometimes senseless obsession with chasing after new solutions before pausing to ask the right questions. The core of her presentation focused on five human innovation narratives, which she sourced from some of her closest and brightest contacts who are currently leading innovation practices. 

After we set up all the Audi corporate design we decided to make it open source and available for anybody. – Thomas Michelbach, Strichpunkt

Michelbach and Jochen Rädeker of Strichpunkt worked on a major brand redesign for Audi and talked through the process and benefits of putting all of the elements of the brand's identity on GitHub.

We decided to start the identity with type because it’s global. It’s recognizable. It’s distinguishable. - Trisha Comerford, Wieden & Kennedy

Comerford explained the reasoning for developing a custom typeface for Formula 1 as the first step of a complete rebrand. Monotype’s own Malou Verlomme also told the story of modernizing Johnston for TfL, making it the visual language of London, and Lovers’ Alex Ostrowski presented a bespoke typeface that was born from trash found in the Thames Estuary for a campaign to end ocean plastics for Greenpeace.

Find relevant partners. If you need to go farther, you need to go together. - Juan Andrés Milleiro of NH Hotels

A theme that is central to Brand Day is the idea that the best campaigns and identities are built on the foundation of a close, collaborative relationship between brand and agency. Juan Andrés Milleiro, head of social media for NH Hotels, spoke of working with user-generated content (UGC) technology provider, Olapic and how the relationship gave NH Hotels speed and made the brand more agile. Wieden & Kennedy’s executive creative director, Tony Davidson, also noted this synergy as a crucial piece in W&K’s successful redesign for Formula 1, and the fruitful relationships between Greenpeace and Lovers, Cass Art and Pentagram were all further proof that this dynamic is key.