Beatrice Warde Scholarship awarded to Ania Wieluńska for her fresh type designs

The Beatrice Warde Scholarship rewards young women embarking into the design world. This prestigious scholarship honors and celebrates the ‘the first lady of typography’ Beatrice Warde– a champion of type education throughout her career with Monotype and the first female member of the Type Directors Club.

The Beatrice Warde Scholarship, co-sponsored by Monotype and the TDC, is based solely on merit and is awarded to one female student whose work demonstrates exceptional talent, sophistication and skill in the use of modern typography.

More than 120 applicants were reviewed by the all-female committee including Gail Anderson of Anderson Newton Design, Nadine Chahine of Monotype, Shelley Gruendler of Type Camp and Dr. Fiona Ross of Reading University. We are proud to present this scholarship to Ania Wieluńska from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland and to introduce you to her incredible type designs. 

Gelato Sans

Gelato Rust



Meet Ania Wieluńska

I'm a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Poland. My main interest is typography, more precisely type design, but I'm trying to stay open to as many fields of art and design as possible. I think the most interesting things happen when you connect many different abilities under one project. When I'm not designing fonts, I'm developing my skills in painting, drawing, lithography, editorial design, branding, and poster design. In addition to the Beatrice Warde Scholarship, I've received the most important award for students in Poland, which is Minister's of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship for Outstanding Achievements.

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