A custom font for US veteran organization, Has Heart

Collaborating with veteran non-profit organization [HAS HEART], Monotype type designer Terrance Weinzierl contributes custom fonts to enrich the organization’s branding.

In 2015, Terrance was encouraged by his local AIGA chapter to volunteer for [HAS HEART], an organization that pairs artists and designers with local veterans to help tell their story, visually. They work together on T shirt designs that encapsulate the experience for both veteran and artist.

“Tyler Way, a founder and creative director for the organization, has done really well with the branding and messaging, which can often be a struggle for charities and non-profits with smaller budgets,” says Terrance. After hearing that Tyler had done some work on a custom alphabet for [HAS HEART], Terrance offered his type design and font production skills as a way to contribute to the organization in 2016.

Letters can easily carry ideas and emotions

“I thought if the custom fonts can save a few hours of production time, and contribute to the branding, then they have accomplished their mission,” explains Terrance.

For the typeface, Terrance and Tyler started from a basic condensed sans with geometric flavor. Much of Tyler’s inspiration was lettering that had been stamped or stenciled.

Terrance worked with Tyler to polish all of the bumps and bruises, refine the concept, and finally bring the lettering into working font files. The goal was to create a design was wasn’t “too perfect” and remained friendly and approachable. This was accomplished by expanding the frequency of humanist-style terminals, round punctuation, and a Rounded font style.

Terrance explored a concept of having a tilted waistline in the middle of letters to create more discord, mirroring emotional or physical struggles of the veteran community. The slashes through the 7 and Z represent reconstruction and repair, something that [HAS HEART] offers.

The head and heart of the veteran is guided by the artist to create something visual and expressive, learning from each other along the way. “Letters can easily carry ideas and emotion,” says Terrance. 

Learn more about [HAS HEART].