Monotype Products and Services End of Life Policy

Monotype’s products and services reach the end of their product life cycles for a variety of reasons, such as changing market demands or technology innovation or obsolescence, and must be decommissioned. Product retirement is a normal part of the overall product life cycle but we recognize that end of product life (“EOL”) milestones may be disruptive and prompt Monotype’s customers to review the impact of EOL decisions in their work environments or products. With this policy, Monotype hopes to make the EOL process seamless, transparent and predictable for our customers and partners.


Monotype’s End of Life Policy (“Policy”) applies to Monotype’s commercial public-facing products and services, such as our FontExplorer X font management solution, iType rendering engine, WorldType technology, printer drivers, or the Monotype Fonts platform.

End of Sale 

Monotype endeavors to provide impacted current customers with at least six months’ notice prior to an end of sale (“EOS”) date, at which time the impacted EOL product(s) and/or service(s) will no longer be available for order or renewal. Monotype will fulfill its contractual commitments through the end of the term of each service agreement in place on the EOS date, however, Monotype may elect to terminate or not renew the service agreement after the end of its term.

Monotype expects that any software updates in production at the time of an EOL decision will be promptly made available to the applicable customer base but Monotype plans to stop shipment of any new versions or updates of EOL products within ninety days of an EOS date (“Stop Ship Date” or “SSD”).

End of Support 

Monotype strives to ensure and facilitate a seamless transition away from any EOL products or services and may be able to provide or advise on suitable alternatives for impacted software products or services. However, absent an applicable in-effect support agreement, Monotype will not be able to provide technical assistance more than one year after the EOS date (absent an extended-term support contract) (“End of Tech Support” or “ETS” date).

In order to be eligible to receive technical support, the applicable Monotype software product or service must be covered by a support agreement as of the EOS date. As contractually permitted and to maximize efficiencies, Monotype may terminate support six months prior to the support renewal date.