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Install fonts from participating sites with a single click. Fonts are installed from the cloud on your computer in seconds.

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Install and remove fonts from the cloud.

No need to fill up your hard drive. Your fonts are available in the cloud, any time you need them, and you can easily remove fonts when you’re not using them.

Try fonts in your design apps, before you buy.

You shouldn’t have to spend hard-earned cash to find out if a font is going to work with your content. Font trials work with any desktop application, just like your regularly installed fonts.

Subscribe to font libraries.

On participating sites, subscriptions powered by the SkyFonts service allow “all-you-can-eat” access to libraries of over 11,000 fonts.


Fonts on your computer in seconds.

With the SkyFonts app installed on your Windows or Mac OSX system, you simply browse your favorite font websites to find the perfect font, then click the Install button on the site. SkyFonts will download and activate your fonts in seconds.

Frequently asked questions.

Where is SkyFonts available?

SkyFonts works with your existing account on Google Fonts, MyFonts, and Mosaic.


Do I need a SkyFonts account?

SkyFonts works with your existing account on, MyFonts or Mosaic. You do not need an account for SkyFonts, itself.

Your existing account should be automatically linked when you install SkyFonts, and you can manually link additional accounts any time in the Accounts section of the application.


How many workstations can I install the SkyFonts app on?

As many as you like… the SkyFonts app is completely free. Fonts installed through the SkyFonts app have workstation limitations set by the font providers. Check out the license details on their website to see on how many workstations each font can be installed.


Where do the fonts go on my computer?

When you install a free or purchased font, the SkyFonts app will download, activate, and place the font in the default fonts folder on your computer. Trial and subscription fonts are kept hidden and protected elsewhere on your hard drive, and are removed at the end of the trial or subscription period.


Do I always need to be connected to the Internet when using fonts installed through the SkyFonts app?

You will need an Internet connection to install fonts through the SkyFonts app. However, once a trial or subscription font has been installed, it will remain on your system until the end of the usage period, even during times that you do not have an Internet connection. Purchased fonts will always be available.


I’m having trouble with a font installed with the SkyFonts app.

First you may want to clear the font caches of the program you are having a problem with.

If you are using a service that allows the manual download of a font, try downloading and installing it manually after removing it through the SkyFonts app. If the problem continues, try using the font in a different program.

If this does not work, or the font a trial or subscription font, please send us a support request using the Support link at the top of this page.


My trial font won’t work! What should I do?

To make sure SkyFonts is functioning properly, please try to install a free font from one of the font provider sites: any of the Google Fonts should work for this test. If this does not work, please send a support request using the Support link at the top of this page.


How do I find the SkyFonts app, once it is installed?

For Mac users: You will see the SkyFonts icon in the menu bar, at the upper-right of your screen. For Windows users: The SkyFonts icon will be located in the taskbar, at the bottom-right of your screen.


Which operating systems do you support for the SkyFonts app?

We support Windows version 7 and later. On Mac, we support OSX version 10.7 and later.


Where is the SkyFonts End User License Agreement?

You can view the SkyFonts EULA here.