Monotype App FAQs

Experience our library in a whole new way with a handy desktop app for Monotype subscribers

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Frequently asked questions

How do I install and start using the app?

  • If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, visit the download page to do so.
  • Double click the compressed file to extract it. Then, double click the 'MonotypeApp' file to launch the installer.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • The app should automatically open. If not, you can always navigate to Applications / MonotypeApp to launch the app.
  • Enter your or username and password to verify your subscription.
  • Begin exploring, installing and creating!

    Who can download and use the app?

    Anyone with a Monotype Library Subscription and Mac OS 10.9+ or Windows 7+. If you don’t already have a Monotype Library Subscription, visit to sign up for one!

    Do I have to use the app to access my subscription?

    At this time, you can use either the website with SkyFonts or the app to access the Monotype Library Subscription, based on your specific workflow and needs.

    Why use the app when I already access and install fonts from the website using SkyFonts?

    The app only shows typefaces that are included with your subscription, ensuring you’re free to use any font you see! The app also introduces advanced font browsing and discovery features, like mood filters and font pairings, that make finding the perfect font quick and easy.

    Can I send fonts to a friend from the app?

    As you may know, your subscription includes a font sending feature that allows you to share any subscription font with a friend, colleague, or anyone else you collaborate with for seven days. Font sending is not currently available through the app. To use this feature, sign into or with your subscription credentials and use the font sending link from the family page of any subscription font. Read the EULA for receiving sent fonts.

    Can I use and manage web fonts from the app?

    Your subscription includes the ability to use any subscription font on the web for 250,000 pageviews per month (additional pageviews can be purchased). Currently, web fonts cannot be accessed through the app. Please sign into or with your subscription credentials to access and use your web fonts.

    Which fonts are included?

    The app provides access to all fonts included with your Monotype Library Subscription. As new fonts are added, they will be made available both online and within the app.

    If I use the app, should I stop using the web to access my subscription fonts?

    You’ll still need to use the web to send fonts to others or to access web font. If you prefer, you can continue to use SkyFonts and the web to install desktop fonts.

    Will the app install all subscription fonts I have previously installed online?

    No. When you login to the app for the first time, it will not display any fonts as installed, regardless of if they have been installed through SkyFonts. Similarly, any fonts installed through the app will not display as installed through SkyFonts.

    What happens if I try to install a font from the app that is already installed through SkyFonts?

    Installing the same font through SkyFonts and the app may result in duplicate fonts showing in your font menu or other font conflicts. When you’re comfortable with the app, as a best practice, we recommend uninstalling any active fonts in SkyFonts and installing any fonts you wish to use going forward through the app.

    If I use the app, can I uninstall SkyFonts?

    The app syncs and installs fonts from the cloud to your local machine, so when you’re using the app there is no need to have SkyFonts running. However, the app will not provide access to any fonts installed through SkyFonts. If you would like to continue using fonts installed through SkyFonts, we recommend first using SkyFonts to uninstall them and then installing them through the app.

    What happens to the fonts I installed when my subscription ends?

    If you choose not to renew your subscription, the fonts that you installed as part of your subscription will be removed from your computer.

    What can I use these fonts for? How does the licensing work?

    As a subscriber, you can use fonts installed through the app just like those installed through SkyFonts. Similar to a typical desktop license, fonts can be used for personal and business use. This covers use in print projects, for logos, designing images and more. If you need to use fonts on the web, return to or to access a web font version of any typeface in the library. View the full EULA.

    Does the library of fonts change?

    Yes, we are continuously adding new fonts to the library. You will see new releases listed in the “Hot new fonts” area at the top of the app dashboard.

    How are fonts installed and managed on my computer?

    Subscription desktop fonts are installed in a secure location on your computer through the app. Due to licensing restrictions, we do not allow access to these folders. We also do not allow copying, renaming, or moving of trial or subscription font files. Subscription fonts can be easily removed when you are no longer using them through the app’s uninstall feature. If your subscription expires, the app removes the fonts from your machines.

    Can I install subscription fonts on multiple machines?

    Yes, your subscription allows you to install fonts on up to two devices. Simply install the app on two devices and sign in with the same Monotype Library Subscription credentials.

    How can I provide feedback on the app or contact you if I need help?

    Click on the feedback icon in the bottom left corner of the app. From here you can share feedback through a quick survey. Use the comment form to submit any support requests.

    Will I be notified when the app is updated?

    Yes, the app checks for updates each time it opens. If an update is available, you’ll be asked to restart the app to install the latest version.