Give your customers more personalization options

Deliver a richer user experience to the mobile screen

Monotype FlipFont® Technology

Smartphone users love personalizing their devices. But changing the UI beyond the basic display options often means downloading 3rd-party apps that may not play nicely with your system. Worse still, they root the phone to customize it more. And when it crashes, you’re left with the support calls.

With Monotype's FlipFont technology, you’ll help consumers safely customize their typefaces out of the box, while you gain new revenue from font purchases.

The FlipFont client, already included in Samsung phones since 2012, provides access to fonts from Monotype, the most renowned name in fonts. Our OEM resources maintain the font library for you – and handle global language support too.

Easily integrate FlipFont technology into your mobile devices, and bring more fonts to more users across the globe.

Make your device more than user-friendly.

Make it user-awesome.

Personalization is surging

Drive higher average sale prices, engagement and repeat purchases by capitalizing on growing personalization trends.

Proven in millions of phones

FlipFont technology is natively built into hundreds of millions of smartphones from manufacturers including Samsung.

Extensive font library

No need to maintain a font library. FlipFont fonts are curated by Monotype, the most renowned name in fonts.

Multiple languages

Appeal to a huge global market with international device support and thousands of fonts in multiple languages.

Small screens, high readability

Ensure a great mobile experience with highly readable small screen fonts made for embedded device displays.

New revenue streams

Millions of downloads – and growing – in five years adds up to revenue streams for you.

Greater device engagement

Give users a reason to engage longer with your device with more personalizaton options.