Control the way your text appears on-screen

Even if you can’t control the viewing environment

Monotype Edge™

From AMOLED to Quantum Dot, the devices developed by manufacturers today use a variety of displays, all with varying resolutions and characteristics that affect how text appears – and that makes it difficult for OEMs to achieve a consistent, high-quality display.

An optional plug-in for the iType® font engine, Monotype’s family of Edge font rendering technologies ensures that fonts look their very best regardless of the display environment in which they appear.

Edge enables precise font tuning, which provides the ability to make on-the-fly adjustments to thickness and sharpness, ensuring that text appears clearly at any size. But it doesn’t end there - it also enables OEMs to extend adjustment control to end users as well, ensuring a brilliant reading experience.

Reduce time-to-market for all your font displays

Create your user interface just once – and all give your users the best-possible type display

Legibility at any size

Automatically performing of both static and real-time tuning and hinting help to ensure optimal legibility at all display formats, sizes, and resolutions.

Real-time tuning control

Allow text to be further tuned based on user preference or environmental factors, such as adjusting for bright sunshine or darkness.

Intelligent contrast control

Optimize text across product families or a range of devices, and enable a single UI to be ported to other devices while adjusting characteristics for maximum readability.

Minimized memory footprint

In memory-constrained environments, making a font thicker or thinner can eliminate the need to install additional fonts, saving considerable space.

Fine-tuned adjustment

Maximum flexibility and precision to optimize the text across products of varying display characteristics, with precise adjustments for darkness and sharpness.

Advanced effects for 2D and 3D

Edge360™ enables GPU text effects for UIs, applications and games, including zooming, rotating in three dimensions, and outline effects such as glow.

Create adaptive distance fields dynamically

Power the generation of distance fields dynamically enabling your users to tune and render fonts, in real time.

Take control of type quality

Ligatures - off
Ligatures - on
Ordinals - off
Ordinals - on
Alternates - off
Alternates - on
Small Caps - off
Small Caps - on

By rendering OpenType font files, you can unlock a treasure trove of creative options to enrich the user experience on your device. OpenType files contain extra sets of rules. One set of rules is called Glyph Positioning and it enables typographic controls for designers such as ligatures, alternative characters and numerals, and small caps.

Say you type the word ‘office’. With Glyph Positioning, you could choose the series of characters, ‘ffi’, to be replaced with a single ffi-ligature. Using our WorldType® Layout Engine, these OpenType rules are recognized and applied as you type. In the case of ‘ffi’, it works out the position of the ligature character and hands over an image of it that can be displayed on-screen.