Transcend imagery. Transport audiences.

Text that looks good enough for best in class VR and AR has been hard to find. Monotype AR/VR type tools – specifically for immersive environments – make it easy for developers to create engaging experiences with great-looking text.

Monotype AR/VR Solution (in beta)

Design choices for the best quality AR and VR are often limited by development tools – or worse, constrained by the available platforms.

The Monotype AR/VR beta solution changes all that for developers, by providing a simple way to create and enhance immersive content with pristine textual elements.

A simple, off-the-shelf solution plugs into your development environments. It’s optimized for device resource consumption, and eliminates the difficulties of complex language layouts, shaping, and additional steps.

And because it’s optimized for rendering text in AR and VR, your text elements will make immersive interfaces feel more authentic and naturally integrated. So you can make design choices, not compromises.

Stay ahead of the curve

More and more traditional brands are jumping into augmented apps and the virtual reality world – which means your projects will only get more sophisticated. Add the Monotype AR/VR solution to your toolbox and deliver everything an audience could want.

Avoid extra work.

Use your text as-is without applying additional tweaks and effects to make it passable

Elevate immersion.

Deliver more compelling content with in-scene enhancements that provide the most legible, clear, uninterrupted experience

Consolidate capabilities.

One lightweight tool heightens AR/VR legibility, improves quality for rendering text, and supports international language localization

Simplify the workflow.

Create content more easily than other mesh tools that require additional steps

Explore your options.

Break free of the limited options available from system fonts or stock fonts

Eliminate device dependencies.

Offer pleasing, robust interaction no matter how resource-limited (RAM, ROM, CPU, battery) the device is