Create immersive and global AR and VR experiences

The Monotype AR/VR Solution, currently in beta, helps you deliver crisp text that remains perfectly legible in any language, creating a reading experience that is awe-inducing rather than nausea-inducing.

The Monotype AR/VR Solution (in beta)

Our solution provides a simple, efficient way to implement and render text in Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality(VR) environments that’s highly legible, localized and flexible. To download the technology for testing, please fill out the form below.

Benefits of the Monotype AR/VR Solution

  • Crisp text that can scale to many sizes without a lapse in quality
  • Capabilities to shape and render intricate languages
  • Ability for users to scale thickness and sharpness of text
  • Optimized for resource utilization (i.e. size)
  • Support for 2D, 3D text
  • Support for popular text effects

Test the Monotype AR/VR Beta Solution

This Beta agreement allows you to access and download the beta version of our AR/VR plug-in and integrate the plug-in with your products, however this agreement does not grant you any rights to distribute the beta version of our AR/VR plug-in in any way, including as part of or with your products. In order to distribute the beta version of our AR/VR plug-in, you must enter into a further agreement with Monotype to be granted distribution rights.

Click this link to view a printable version of the beta agreement.