Friedrich Althausen.
Type Designer.

In his words.

Type design is the purest of all design directions: no colours, no sizes, no hierarchy, no 3D, no surfaces — just form and counter form on the plane.

Friedrich Althausen is a type designer based in Monotype’s Berlin office. After his studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Friedrich worked as a freelance designer with a special interest in book typography and letter drawing. He has designed typefaces for several textbooks on subjects such as mathematics and Cartography, and his typeface “Vollkorn” became widely known as one of the first free web fonts on the internet.

As a calligrapher, Friedrich is passionate about DIY writing tools. He loves to apply his lettering on streets and pavements, using his self-made tools for largescale chalk calligraphy.

In his spare time, Friedrich is enjoys sailing, building wooden toys, choir singing, and his kids.

Friedrich Althausen