Web fonts make life online a whole lot better for designers, brands and browsers

It wasn’t long ago that you could count on one hand the fonts used on millions of websites. In those days it was tough staying on-brand online, and harder work for readers, who had to read text from clunky, static, styled images. Then web fonts came along, allowing designers to employ typefaces not installed on users’ computers, and giving them access to the kind of creative expression and control over type they’d only dreamed about.

Brands love web fonts, too, because websites, online ads and digital marketing are now all on-brand. There’s no need to produce a zillion styled images for different markets, which saves valuable time and resources, making managers happy, too. Web fonts have made life online more visually diverse, engaging and personal, with dynamic customized content tailored to our location, device or behavior.

In addition to designing fonts for the web, Monotype offers custom web font subscriptions and solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. And with products like our Web Font Platform API, which allows engineers to integrate around 100,000 fonts into design tools, we’re taking great type to new places all the time.

Raise your sites with web fonts

The web’s a busy place, and it’s hard enough for brands to stand out without the self-inflicted anonymity of yesterday’s “web-safe” fonts and slow-loading, pixelated styled images. Web fonts get your brand voice heard loud and clear online, bringing your websites and digital platforms all harmoniously into line with your print and other marketing channels.

Fast-loading content with real text that’s clear at any size and resolution says all the right things to your customers. It can even be used in dynamic page elements like forms and search bars. For brands with personality, web fonts are the way forward.

Together, we help make the web a more wonderful place

  • A library of hand-hinted fonts that look pixel-perfect on any screen
  • Brand consistency without heavy pixelated image files
  • Improved search rankings and increased page speed
  • Design for moments not months by spending less time in Photoshop
  • Localized and personalized content with real-text