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Monotype offers a wide variety of battle-tested fonts, ranging from classics to innovative new designs. Our experts can help you find the perfect typeface for your brand or campaign. 

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The Monotype Library.

A distinctive, award-winning library of premium fonts

The Monotype Library is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of typefaces, featuring original designs of historical importance and a fresh range of contemporary and fashionable fonts. The Monotype Library includes thousands of timeless classics, hand-crafted revivals and original designs from many of the most innovative type designers and foundries in history. 

The Monotype Library is home to designs like the Avenir®, FF Meta®, Gill Sans®, Helvetica® and ITC Avant Garde Gothic® typefaces. This distinctive, award-winning library of premium fonts provides brands and designers with a broad and reliable selection of typefaces for expressive typography in print and on screen

Alternate Gothic
Century Gothic
Classic Grotesque
Din Next
Franklin Gothic
Gill Sans
Lubalin Graph
Neo Sans
Neue Haas Grotesk
Neue Helvetica
Sackers Gothic

Create beautiful designs using Monotype’s vast inventory of fonts, which covers multiple languages and environments and includes some of the world’s most popular typefaces. Upload custom-designed Monotype fonts and any third party fonts.

Latest updates

  • Bring any of your third-party fonts into Mosaic - manage your entire font library within a single application. 
  • Immediately activate and access complete font families in your   favorite creative applications.
  • Gain visibility into font downloads and distribution across the organization with the in-product dashboard.
  • Standard support for all Mosaic customers including email and chat support, as well as digital onboarding.