Inspired by history. Created for contemporary design.

Macklin is inspired by the era when type leapt off the pages of books and onto large-scale posters and advertisements. With a distinct twist on its typographic predecessor, Macklin’s sharp yet elegant forms push the superfamily to a place that’s more suited to contemporary use and modern design. Macklin comprises 4 sub families and 54 fonts with 9 weights from hairline to black, offering a broad palette for visual expression.

Meet Macklin.


  • Malou Verlomme


  • Monotype Studio


  • Super Family
  • Sans Serif
  • Slab Serif
  • Display
  • Serif
  • Magazine
  • Print

About Macklin

The concept for Macklin began with research on historical material from Britain and Europe in the beginning of the 19th century, specifically the work of Vincent Figgins. This was a period of intense social change--the beginning of the industrial revolution. A time when manufacturers and advertisers were suddenly replacing traditional handwriting or calligraphy models and demanding bold, attention-grabbing typography. Typographers experimented with innovative new styles, like fat faces and Italians, and developed many styles that brands and designers continue to use today, such as slabs, serifs, and sans serifs.

Verlomme pays respect to Figgins’s work with Macklin, but pushes the family to a more contemporary place. Each sub family has been designed from the same skeleton, giving designers a broad palette for visual representation and the ability to create with contrast without worrying about awkward pairings. With Macklin, Verlomme shows us it’s possible to create a superfamily that allows for complete visual expression without compromising fluidity.


Malou Verlomme

Malou Verlomme

Malou Verlomme is Senior Type Designer for Monotype, and has been with the company since 2016. His Camille typeface has the honor of being part of the collection at France’s Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP).

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认识 Macklin。

Malou Verlomme 的 Macklin 超级家族是对 19 世纪晚期的标题展示字体的一种温和而不敬的呈现,通过优雅的改造,使这些字母造型得到更新,以供现代使用。选择一种样式,或者使用整个家族中的变体作为字体工具箱。

Placard Next:一款充满个性的海报字体

Placard Next是对20世纪30年代海报设计的重新定义,它采纳了原版设计所有奇特的细节然后对其进行改良以用于数字化显示。设置为大号的窄体具有即时的印刷效果,为海报、标题以及在设计师需要突出的地方引入了一些不同寻常的风格。