Colin Ford.
Advanced Font Engineer.

In his words.

Designers rely on typefaces to help convey their ideas to their audience. If a typeface is well-made, it cannot only bear that weight, but support designers in reaching for heights they couldn’t before.

Colin 是一名资深字体工程师,现居纽约。他在马里兰艺术学院(MICA)完成本科学业,之后在荷兰皇家艺术学院(KABK)取得硕士学位。作为一名字体设计师,过去十年里,他在法国国家印刷研究所(ANRT)、库伯联盟学院、MICA 和 Letterform Archive 授课并主持研讨会。他还为 [email protected] 扩展项目教授字体制作课程。

Prior to joining Monotype, Colin worked on a variety of projects at H&Co, including Decimal, which was featured in the Netflix documentary series, Abstract. Other favorite projects include Chronicle Hairline, Quarto, Sentinel Pro, and Sagittarius.