Fernando Mello.
Senior Type Designer.

In his words.

We look at type everywhere, every day. The most important tool for a type designer is his eyes, which never cease to absorb information and often coordinate other acts such as drawing and refining letter shapes.

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Senior Type Designer Fernando Mello went to the UK to study in the MA Type Design program at the University of Reading in 2006, from which he was approved with distinction. He soon joined Fontsmith, where for over a decade he has been involved in the creation of several innovative, functional and well-constructed typefaces. Fernando joined the Monotype Studio in January 2020.

With a background in architecture, graphic design and illustration, Fernando is a lover of lettering and typography. He always tries to look beyond what is in vogue in favor of original and intelligent ideas, be them for text or display typefaces in both Latin and Non-Latin languages. Apart from being a designer, he has also enrolled in both the Expert Type Design Class at the Plantin Moretus Museum in Belgium, and the [email protected] Condensed Program in the USA.

Fernando believes the most effective solutions reside in simple, authentic, human ideas. A devoted collector of type-related books and catalogues, he also has a keen interest in the history and technological evolution of type making, believing that this knowledge is another key factor in the creation of new type designs. He was an important contributor to several Fontsmith projects, including the award-winning FS Jack, FS Brabo and FS Irwin, as well as hundreds of custom font jobs for clients around the globe. He has also worked in the past with Tiro Typeworks, Microsoft, and Adobe in the field of South Indian non-Latin scripts.