Carl Crossgrove.
Senior Type Designer.

In his words.

I feel most gratified by seeing the typeface used as intended; when the client or designer takes advantage of a typeface’s strengths and produces a strong design with it.

Carl Crossgrove is a Senior Type Designer at Monotype. From Carl’s early interest in calligraphy and drawing, through his youth and college years studying fine arts and book arts, to his eventual degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in Printing/Typography, the constant thread in Carl’s life has been his fascination with letterforms.

Before he knew there was such a thing as typeface design, he was assembling alphabets, drawing letters and poring over lettering guides. At RIT, Carl discovered the world of type design and began digitizing early designs. 

Carl gained valuable experience during his internships in the Type department at Adobe Systems. After college, Carl had a variety of jobs in the graphic arts. His work took him to advertising agencies, small graphic design shops, magazines and media companies. Carl also designed typefaces in his free time, before joining Monotype. In addition to creating new typefaces for the Monotype Library, Carl also designs custom fonts and has worked on several type projects for corporate branding initiatives.

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Carl Crossgrove