Andy Lethbridge.
Type Designer.

In his words.

Type allows us to communicate through the look and feel of letterforms as well as the content of the message. It adds another layer of meaning and intent that gives our words the proper voice.

Andy Lethbridge is a Type Designer and lettering artist in the Monotype Studio, having previously been part of Fontsmith since 2015. His letterforms have appeared everywhere from banknotes to billboards, and he has created bespoke designs for several global brands.

Andy graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2015 where he studied graphic design. He has always been intrigued by letterforms, but during this time he developed his interest in drawing and designing them. His studies then became increasingly typographic and letter-centric, eventually leading him to study typeface design at the Cooper Union in New York.

Analog skills like sketching, calligraphy and drafting letters by hand still play a big part in his work, where his particular role often results in him working with designers, agencies or brands in order to create or refine script and display fonts for campaigns and core visual identities.