Prepare your product for global success.

Whether you’re designing wearables, automotive displays, medical devices, or launching the next big thing in the Internet of Things – it’s important to consider the entire life cycle success of these devices, even if you’re only in the early stages of development. Most successful products pass through a similar pattern of product maturity stages:

  1. Latin text only – New product families start with a relatively basic UI.
  2. Going global – Expand and grow market share by entering new regions.
  3. Enhanced displays – Reuse the core UI and differentiate the offerings in your product line.
  4. Luxury UI – Stay competitive by modernizing your UI to keep up with customer expectations.
  5. Personalization – Introduce responsive, information-rich experiences tailored to the user.

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Future Proof Product Maturity

Achieving product life cycle success for new devices in today’s market means understanding the big picture from start to finish. Making short-term decisions can lead to sub-optimal product releases, higher costs, and missed market opportunities.

The benefits of scalable type

Focusing only on near-term deadlines can lead to sub-optimal product releases, higher costs, and difficulty keeping up with changing market trends and opportunities. Investing up front in a long-term scalable font solution enables companies to:

  • Go global. Quickly expand to new markets with non-Latin character sets and advanced support.
  • Stay competitive. Rapidly adapt to new market environments and user demands.
  • Save memory. Maintain UI performance even on the most constrained devices.
  • Reduce cost. Reduce costly memory hardware changes, overall QA budget and time.

Small screens. Big impact.

The Monotype Spark™ solution is a collection of technologies that can bring full quality scalable fonts to low-memory displays. Never choose between design, functionality and staying competitive.