Font Catalog for Independent Software Vendors

Monotype’s extensive selection of fonts for ISVs and developers, categorized by language, product use and type style.

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Microsoft® Windows® & Office® Fonts

ISVs that provide word processing, presentation and spreadsheet applications require the correct fonts to ensure Microsoft compatibility. For more than 20 years, Monotype has been trusted developer and distributor of fonts and font development services to Microsoft.

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Multilingual Fonts

As ISVs expand globally, fonts become even more critical, serving as a brand’s connection to reaching new markets.

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Game Fonts

Game developers understand the need to select fonts that have the right personality to match specific genres with their target audiences.

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TV, Entertainment and Consumer Electronic Fonts

Devices such as digital TV sets, set-top boxes, Blu-ray® discs, video games and game consoles all share a common need: high- quality fonts that are tuned for optimal display on screen, at any size and any resolution.

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User Interface Fonts

Designers need typefaces which allow them to create high-impact user interfaces that remain highly legible and promote clear functionality.

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Dynamic Subsetting for Web Fonts

Developed initially to reduce load times for Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts, dynamic subsetting allows all Web fonts to load faster – even when delivered to mobile devices over mobile networks.

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Custom Font Services

Customized solutions are available through the Monotype Studio, where some of the best typeface designers in the world work with you to fulfill unique branding requirements, including the creation of customized typefaces or the modification a current solution, such as adding multilingual characters to an existing design.

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Software developers often have to balance offering functionality with preserving performance. Monotype works closely with ISVs to provide solutions that ensure brand integrity, legibility and language support across devices.

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