Monotype App

Experience our library in a whole new way with a
handy desktop app for Monotype subscribers

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Register to download the app and you will experience;

  • A curated selection of 600+ font families from the Monotype library
  • View, install and uninstall font families or individual font styles
  • Sync without needing a 3rd party client (no need for SkyFonts)
  • See font pairing suggestions for every font family inside the app

The desktop app beta does not include support for web fonts and font sending. These Monotype Library Subscription features will continue to be supported via and

Find out more with Frequently Asked Questions about Monotype App.

App version 1.0.0-beta, released September 27th 2017 icon Monotype Library Subscribers only
Sorry, no MyFonts support yet

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Mac OS 10.9+ Only
Sorry, no Windows support yet

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By participating in this private beta, we ask that you offer feedback and suggestions on the utility and usability of the product.