Metro Nova is Toshi Omagari’s restoration and reinvention of W. A. Dwiggins’ original Metro design.

“Designing type is an opportunity to maintain the visual aspects of a culture, as well as to bring it forward. Sensitivity to other languages and scripts is

essential for a type designer. In the case of Metro Nova, I wanted to honor the original intent of W. A. Dwiggins.”

A sans-serif typeface at home in headlines as well as book copy, annual reports as well as displays: This is Toshi Omagari’s vision for Metro Nova, a family of fonts based on the early production sketches of W. A. Dwiggins’ original Metro design. Omagari has taken full advantage of the unfettered freedoms of digital typesetting while adhering to the classic design aesthetics of one of type’s greatest masters. Metro Nova’s extensive advanced OpenType features and full range of seven weights makes it a family of abundant usefulness. From the page to the screen, Metro Nova is a hardworking and utterly charming addition to any library.

Learn more about Metro Nova, download the specimen sheet below.