More time experimenting. Less time buying and managing.

With more than 9,000 fonts at your fingertips, find the perfect type for your project. Whether it’s for your own designs, a client’s or your company’s, don’t spend extra on fonts you won’t end up using – or spend extra time sourcing them from separate sites.

The Monotype Library Subscription

The Monotype Library Subscription gives you the freedom to create desktop and printed materials from any of the 9,000 fonts, the flexibility to iterate from wherever you are, and the ability to share fonts with clients, vendors, and colleagues.

Subscription benefits

Affordable choices, unlimited access

Access thousands of fonts — at a lower price than most font families. Get classics like the Helvetica and Univers families, and innovative new releases like the Neue Haas Unica and Between fonts.

Send fonts to clients and suppliers

Share fonts with clients, vendors, and colleagues -- or anyone else you work with -- for seven days, for free.

Install fonts with one click

Start using your new fonts in any design application with an easy and convenient one-click install process.

Work offline

Tap into your font collection wherever you need it. Work at the office, or take your design to client meetings and presentations. Once installed, you don’t need to be online to use your fonts.

Press & Reviews

“The Monotype Library Subscription is the most extensive, arguably the most important, font subscription service currently available. The rich variety and number of classic type families it makes accessible to the designer put it in a class of its own. If you’re a freelancer or small design shop, that “Can we afford it?” conversation goes away completely.”

Alan Gilbertson, Creative Pro

Choose your workflow

Experiment for free

Try any font in our library, free for one hour with no strings attached. No credit card and no commitment is required until you want to distribute what you make.

Upgrade to Pro

You can still experiment all you want. But with a pro account, you can install fonts, work offline, and send fonts to clients or colleagues.

Transition to Teams

A smarter, faster font workflow for your team. Talk to us about giving your creative team everything they need to deliver beautiful, effective typography with wider desktop use and freedom to print and distribute your creations.

Plans & Pricing


Try each font free for 1 hour. No credit card required.

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Per month with a prepaid annual subscription. Unlimited access to everything in the library.

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