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Monotype has more than 900 employees in more than 20 cities around the world, dedicated to design and technology, brand identity and brand engagement. We’re fired up about what those things can achieve when they’re put together, for our clients and for society. So we work together to empower expression and engagement in inspiring ways – type designers, developers, engineers, account managers and many others – with the freedom to act on new ideas and the opportunity to make a difference. If you can see yourself at a company with an inspiring heritage, a name for creativity, and the widest possible range of clients, we’d love to hear from you.

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New, award-winning workspaces

Our new workspaces in New York City, London and Woburn mirror Monotype brand values and reflect our commitment to design and typographic innovation.

Monotype Areas of Work

Our engineering experts work in small teams to crack interesting problems. Using Agile practices, we develop solutions that leverage a vast range of technologies. For example, we build eCommerce sites such as MyFonts and Fonts.com that make it easier for designers to find and license fonts. We develop embedded software such as the Monotype Spark™ solution to make it easier for designers of wearables and other low-memory devices to use better, more legible fonts on their screens. We’re building web platform APIs that allow our partners to offer more fonts in their design tools. Anywhere that fonts might be needed, we apply technology to create a better, easier experience.