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Re-introducing the Monotype Brand

Welcome to the new Monotype! We have a new brand, a new look, new messaging, and to top all it off – a new company blog. You’re now experiencing the alpha version of our new website, and we’ll be adding more content, features and fun stuff every week. We’re pretty excited about all that’s new – and hope that you’ll like it, too.
So what’s different? For starters, we’ve dropped “Imaging” from our brand and from today on will be known simply as “Monotype.” And how do you revitalize a venerable brand, with a legacy as rich as ours? We started by celebrating the best of our history. Then we delivered a fresh perspective on our current business. And finally, we looked to the future – our ongoing commitment to delivering the best in typefaces, technology and expertise for the next hundred years.
As type geeks, there was no better way to start building a new brand than with a new typeface. So, please meet the new Kootenay design! Our new corporate typeface was created by one of our talented type directors, Steve Matteson. Kootenay is a sans serif inspired by the Canadian Rockies that’s rich in texture yet approachable, representing our enduring commitment to classic quality and craftsmanship.
Typeface in hand, we then developed a new color palette, derived from the best usage of color over the years from our renowned typeface library brands – Monotype, Linotype, ITC, Ascender and Bitstream. And we then chose black & white photography as the final principal element of our new visual vocabulary. Mix all three together – beautiful typefaces, rich colors, stunning black & white images – and you have a complex visual identity system equal to our brand story. That champions typography, in all its forms.
But looks aren’t everything, right? We’ve also done much more to improve how we engage with you. Our HTML5-based alpha website makes full use of Web fonts and is designed for the desktop as well as mobile and the iPad and Kindle Fire devices, which we’ll launch over the next few months. Our site navigation has been streamlined, making it easier to get around. Our site structure has been redesigned, making it faster to find what you need. And there is much more that we invite you to discover:
  • Learn about the Monotype Libraries and some of the historical moments that made them great.
  • Meet the Monotype Studio team – our typeface designers, and the technical wizards who bring those typefaces to life digitally.
  • Research Solutions that help solve typographic problems for specific markets, from automotive to branding & design agencies to tablets & e-readers.
  • Explore our catalog of Products & Services, from rendering and hinting, to Web fonts and font rental services.

It’s all here. It’s all how we’re helping customers today, right now. And it’s all part of our mission and pledge to you: that Monotype will be your first place to turn for the typefaces, technology and expertise you need.

We’ll be posting more much here in the coming days and weeks, taking a deeper dive into how we created our new brand, as well as visiting with many of the people behind Monotype.

So, thanks for stopping by – we can’t wait to hear what you think. And enjoy!


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