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Monotype wins at the 2014 ISTD Awards

The 2014 ISTD International Typographic awards saw Monotype celebrate five wins, for projects covering wayfinding, identity, print and exhibitions, all of which emphasised the role type plays at the very heart of design. The Pencil to Pixel exhibition, which explored 125 years of typographic history through the Monotype archives, picked up a Premier Award, as did the Monotype Collections. Certificates of Excellence were also awarded to type projects by Dan Rhatigan and Nadine Chahine. 


Monotype x

Monotype has partnered with charitable initiative, launched by The Arrels Foundation with the aim of providing support to homeless people. With five fonts released so far, HomelessFonts turns the handwriting of displaced individuals into workable fonts, with the hope that these will be used in branding and design projects. By teaming up with HomelessFonts Monotype has made all five of the fonts available on, MyFonts and Linotype, with all profits going to help support the homeless people of Barcelona.  



Membership by Monotype

"Design is intrinsically important to the world... and it's hard to create good design without good type," says Paul McKeever, director of Typecast, as Membership by Monotype is launched. The subscription service allows members acccess to the extensive Monotype, Linotype, Ascender, Bitstream and ITC libraries, holding over 14,000 designs. Offering designers unlimited and immediate typographic experimentation, Membership also features curated typeface collections from some of the foremost names in design and branding. 



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ISTD wins

This year’s ISTD International Typographic Awards saw Monotype take home three certificates of excellence and two premier awards for print, exhibition, wayfinding and identity projects.

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